Soweto (Fotografie)

Tuomo Manninen

7. September 2013 bis 7. Januar 2014

The kunst:raum Sylt-Quelle presents a photographic series by Tuomo Manninen (b. 1962). In his series, Manninen offers a view to Soweto in South Africa.
Soweto, the urban area that developed into a reserve for the African population alongside with apartheid on the side of the city of Johannesburg, is one of the world's most notorious neighborhoods. Soweto (SOuth WEstern TOwnships) is known for barbed wire, open sewers and the Soweto necklace; a car tire that was put on betrayer’s neck and set on fire. Twenty years ago, outsiders didn’t have any business going to Soweto. But what is the urban metropolis Soweto like today?
Tuomo Manninen, whose long career as a photographer has previously investigated the lives of cities such as Helsinki, Kathmandu, Havana and St. Petersburg in his series of group portraits called Me/We. The images of Manninen display the codependency between individuals, but at the same time they move in between the contradictory relationship of documentation and dramatization. TheMe/We series has been showcased e.g. at the Venice Biennale and the Arles Photography Festival in France.
The exhibition will also include works from the Helsinki and Riga series.

7. September 2013 bis 7. Januar 2014
Eröffnung: 7. September, ab 17 Uhr

(c) Tuomo Manninen