Jacob van Schalkwyk - Preisträger 2013

ABSA L'Atelier Merit Award

Van Schalkwyk was born in 1981 and studied for his BA in Historical Studies at UNISA. He has participated in a number of exhibitions, including the 2010 and 2011 ABSA L’Atelier.

Through his documentation of the people and landscape in his immediate environment, the artist is endeavouring to ask questions about the effects of the passage of time on society, through the process of layering and juxtaposition of images.

The artist, using deliberate compartmentalisation to connect otherwise disparate images with historical influences, invites the viewer to partner him in the search for an image for the fourth quadrant.

As a young person in South Africa today, the artist is in a process of realigning his knowledge of the history of the land and the realities of contemporary life, as he experiences it, by asking questions about change, restoration and renewal. He queries the loss and displacement people experience on a daily basis and asks is this the "Promised Land"?


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Jakob van Schalkwyk
(c) Ivan Muller
(c) Jacob van Schalkwyk
Beloofde Land? / Promised Land? Mixed media installation
200 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm