kunst:raum sylt quelle Foundation
work and residence grants

A place to work

The kunst:raum sylt quelle Foundation awards grants to artists of a wide variety of disciplines thus supporting the arts in general by supporting artists individually.

Writers, visual artists and composers can all receive kunst:raum sylt quelle work and residence grants.

A residence grant permits an artist to concentrate on his/her work – perhaps even just think about it undisturbed – in the quiet and creative atmosphere of the sylt quelle and the island of Sylt. A work grant is more specific, allowing an artist to begin a particular project or complete one he/she has already begun.

Please note that we have changed our application mode: from now on residencies are only granted by personal invitation. General applications will no longer be considered.

Open to public applications are the following awards:
Sylt Preis für zeitgenössische Fotografie
Sylt Quelle Cultural Award for Southern Africa
Sylt Quelle Literaturstipendium „Inselschreiber“